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In order to remain competitive in these recessionary times, it has become common business practice for companies to downsize. Reduction of fixed overhead is the key to survival and prosperity. It is with this thought in mind that we at Jade introduce our "Full Service Manufacturing Concept".
Jade offers a variety of services which include sample and pattern making, cutting, sewing, embroidery, shipping, distribution, and general office. When joining our organization a manufacturer only utilizes the services they need when they need them, thereby eliminating fixed overhead expenses. As part of Jade you have the luxury of variable expenses without the burden of off-season costs.
Jade Apparel Inc, a small business located in a "HUB ZONE", presents a new concept in manufacturing fulfillment.
With all the difficulties confronting today's manufacturers, Jade delivers a much needed solution.
With our manufacturing expertise and dedication to service, we provide a winning resolution to the strenuous economic and business conditions that currently exist.