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Our founder, Teddy Maroulis immigrated with his wife to the US from Greece. Together they worked at various jobs including sewing machine operators in a fur factory in 1977. As the owner of the factory could not afford to compensate Teddy for labor performed over one weekend, he traded his work for three Fur Sewing Machines.

From the basement of his house in Jersey City, N.J. Teddy opened a small imitation fur factory named ELSA COAT in honor of his wife. By 1979 he “expanded” his business by 3 new machines and moved his operation to a commercial location also in Jersey City. After one year of operation, he relocated to an abandoned looking building in Newark that housed four other Wool Coats Factories.

By vision, determination, discipline and hard work, Teddy slowly purchased the factories and eventually the building.

Today Jade Apparel Inc. is a 150,000 square foot facility large enough to comfortably fit 450 employees, 1000 Sewing machines, a full service state of the art automatic cutting room, 15 commercial multihead embroidery machines, warehousing, and distribution. Jade Apparel Inc. has become your one stop shop for any or all of your needs.
Our History